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Ways Makel Gardner Incorporated a Sense of Vintage Charm in Her New House

Black Iron Door Hardware Project, Fin & Vince

Fin & Vince
Makel Gardner is an Instagram influencer with a page featuring tons of lovely snapshots of her home and family. She is also a co-founder of Fin & Vince, a sustainably made baby and kid's clothing brand. Makel incorporated Ageless Iron Hardware into her family home to give the newly built house a sense of unique, vintage charm. Read more about her story!
What is your design style, and how do you incorporate it into your home?

My style is a combination of country farmhouse and modern schoolhouse. If it was only up to me, I'd mix in a bit more cottage, but my husband prefers rustic country. I love incorporating new and vintage pieces.

Where or whom do you get your design inspiration from?

I find inspiration from one of my favorite designers, Jersey Ice Cream Co. Their style is unique, and I love the deep wood tones they use throughout their spaces.

When starting a design project, how do you organize and plan for it?

I've been saving inspiration photos and links for years on Pinterest and Instagram, so I start by going through those when I begin a new project. Then we plan our budget and start researching deals.

Featured Blogger Makel Gardner
How did you choose the hardware featured in this project?

We used Ageless Iron on all of our doorways in the home. I was attracted to the timeless style, and the cast iron gave it an extra twist of nostalgia quality for me. The detail of the texture that cast iron gives really took our home to the next level.

Did you learn any tips and tricks about door hardware along the way you think would be beneficial for others?

The hardware wasn't hard to assemble and install. It is a bit heavier than standard doorknobs, so I think there was a bit of a learning curve.

Featured Blogger Makel Gardner
Featured Blogger Makel Gardner
What are some recommendations and tips for readers wanting to do an extensive remodel or make a small transformation?

Pick a few structural things that you want to splurge on, which are not easy to replace later on. We upgraded the door hardware, windows, and floor since those are things we want to stay in the home forever. Other custom trim and accents can always be switched out later. Still, all of our decor looks upgraded because we had upgraded those few things.

Give us some more details on your business, Fin & Vince. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart from the rest?

My business partner and I started Fin & Vince in 2015 when our husbands were attending grad school. We started the business due to a lack of baby boy clothing in the industry. We had 3 boys between the two of us at the time (now we have 5 boys). Once we figured out the learning curve of finding a good factory, we really set ourselves apart with our unique boys' clothing. We focus on quality over quantity and encourage our customers to buy timeless pieces they really love and will want to pass down for generations to come. Our heirloom style really plays into the nostalgia as well.

What is next?

We are working on getting a yard in, and then this upcoming winter, we're working on finishing our basement! As far as the business, we are just working on growing our retail business and growing our collections each season. We are amidst starting a home collection with some lovely linen and cotton bedding items.

Thanks to Makel for sharing her story along with some great photos!