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Finishing Touches for Modern Farmhouse Style

Finishing Touches for Modern Farmhouse Style

Stunning hardware from Ageless Iron captures the essence of this popular look.

Recently chosen by as America’s favorite design style - the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic is known for warmth, comfort and charm. This popular motif brings new sophistication to traditional décor with an emphasis on neutral colors, reclaimed materials, and a mixture of textures and styles. Ageless Iron perfectly captures this growing trend with our beautiful line of iron hardware for the home. With simple silhouettes and bold lines, door hardware from Ageless Iron is a natural choice to complement any modern farmhouse design space.

Adding metal accents is a key strategy to achieving an authentic modern farmhouse look. Iron hardware introduces a tactile dimension and brings a warm rustic vibe that is very much a part of this overall style. Ageless Iron allows customers to mix and match different elements to create custom combinations and one-of-a-kind looks. Two standout styles are the Vale Short Plate and the Loch Rosette. Both are notable for their clean lines and elegant silhouettes. The Loch Rosette features a raised edge and classic round shape, while the Vale Short Plate is refined design at its understated best. Each pairs well with a variety of levers and knobs.

Loch Entry Set

Door hardware from Ageless Iron captures the look and feel of solid bronze at an affordable price point, making it a smart choice for budget-savvy shoppers. The rough-hewn, hand-crafted character of each piece is perfect for bringing out the distinctive rusticity of modern farmhouse style.

Iron has long been one of the most enduring metals, pre-dating the Roman Empire and playing a key role in the Industrial Revolution. Ageless Iron follows in that tradition with hardware built to last. The hardware is crafted from hand-poured molten iron meticulously formed for reliable construction. Next the pieces are sandblasted and zinc plated to resist corrosion. The black, subtly pitted surface texture is achieved with a powder-coated finish that has been tested in 12 months of Florida exposure to be UV and salt resistant. We stand behind our hardware with a five year warranty to ensure lasting beauty and performance.