General Questions

Does Ageless Iron sell direct to the public?

Sorry, but we only sell through Authorized Showrooms and Online Dealers.

Where can I find pricing for Ageless Iron products?

Ageless Iron Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) is listed on the back cover of the Ageless Iron Brochure. To view or download the brochure, please visit our Product Literature Page.

How quickly can I get my order?

All products will be assembled for your order by our experienced, long-term personnel. Normal order turn-around time is 3-5 days, once we receive the order from the dealer. Our fill-rate averages over 99%!

Do you offer free freight on large orders?

Yes. All orders totaling $100 or more will be shipped FedEx Ground at no charge. On orders totaling under $100, the customer will assume responsibility for shipping charges.

Where is Ageless Iron Hardware located?

Our factory and corporate headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

We offer a 5-Year Mechanical and 5-Year Finish Warranty. Refer to the Warranty Section of this site for more information.

Product Questions

What is the difference between Passage, Privacy and Dummy?

A passage function (tubular latch) is used on a closet or hallway door and does not lock. A privacy (tubular latch) is a good door set to use on a bedroom, bathroom or any other interior door you are wanting to lock. A dummy knob does not turn and does not function as a working lock. A dummy function is typically used on doors with some other device which holds the door closed.

Is Ageless Iron easy to install?

Yes! Just two screws hold the lock onto the door. All you need is a standard Phillips screwdriver. For additional installation support, please view our Installation Help section.

Does Ageless Iron require any special door preparation?

No. Standard door preparation with a 2 1/8” cross-bore is fine. But, you should measure your backset to see if it’s 2 3/8” or 2 3/4″.

To determine the correct backset measurement for your door, you will need to measure the distance from edge of the door to the center of your bore hole.

(see image below)

There’s a little plate in the edge of my door. I think it’s called a “latch face”. Do these come with square corners or round?

Both. Ageless Iron has square corner latch faces standard. If you need radius corner, just specify them when ordering.

Is Ageless Iron suitable for the exterior of my house?

Absolutely. And, we have handleset and deadbolts for exactly this purpose.

How does cast iron compare to bronze?

Iron is harder and stronger than bronze.

How do I unlock a privacy set from the exterior side of the door?

Ageless Iron privacy sets have an emergency release hole on the exterior rosette or plate. We include a special key which is inserted into this hole to unlock the privacy function.

Can I order a door set that has a knob on one side of the door and a lever on the other side?

Yes. This is called a split style and is considered a custom item. Custom orders may require an extra business day to process and may be subject to additional charges. All custom orders must be order via phone with Ageless Iron Hardware or through your local showroom dealer.

Technical Questions

How hot does iron need to be for casting?

Iron must be heated to a range of 2,060 – 2,200 °F (1,127 – 1,204 °C) in order to become molten (liquid).

I love the texture of cast iron. But, I thought it rusted. Is this true with Ageless Iron?

No. Normal cast iron will rust if the surface is not protected. But, Ageless Iron is zinc plated for lasting corrosion protection. And, we powder-coat every piece with a coating that has been tested to 12 months of Florida exposure (AAMA2603.02, 6.6.), and is both UV and salt resistant.

How do I determine backset size and door thickness?

When ordering door hardware, it is important to know what will work with your door. If you have a new door, you may need to create your own bore hole. If you are replacing hardware on an existing door, be sure to measure to determine which backset size will work with your door. Additionally, you will want to measure the thickness of the door to make sure the hardware fits.


To determine the correct backset measurement for your door, you will need to measure the distance from edge of the door to the center of your bore hole.

(see image below)


The distance from the inside edge to the outside edge of a door is the measurement for door thickness. The industry standard for modern (post-1950) front doors is 1-3/4”. Many interior doors measure 1-3/8” thick. If your door is thicker than 1-3/4”, choose products from the Grandeur collection, from which thick door kits are available.

How do I determine the handing (left-hand or right-hand) of a door?

Handing of doors is critical when selecting Sets with Levers, Long Plates or Split Design combinations.

Handing for door sets is determined by standing on the OUTSIDE FACING THE DOOR.
*Outside of a door refers to the side of the door that faces away from the room.