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Salvaged Living's Black Iron Door Decor

Salvaged Living's Black Iron Door Decor

Kim Pepper's blog and social media, Salvaged Living, came from a love of making and has been an evolving journey over the last 10 years. She weaves personal stories and faith into her projects, and viewers will see her projects include much of her heart. We partnered with her on new black hardware from our Keep Collection. Read on to learn more about Kim and see how her door hardware update turned out!

When asked how she chose the hardware featured in this project, Kim stated, "I love the sleek look, AMAZING quality, and timeless design of the hardware." She wanted something that would make a statement and is happy with the look and feel this hardware added to every room. Since the hardware is easy to install, she could add all her door sets in an afternoon, 3-4 hours tops. She said, "I would love to use this hardware again, potentially for the front entry set. I absolutely love the heavy-duty/quality feel of the hardware. It's a rare find these days."

Kim's style leans towards a vintage vibe with a neutral color palette. She prefers to let texture and pattern enhance a room more than color. Her decorating uses many different materials and layers for a cozy, lived in, curated feel. She loves searching Pinterest for inspiration, noting, "It's a great place to search out design ideas and goals. You can narrow in on what you seek - paint colors, furniture pieces, design styles, etc." Scrolling on Instagram is also inspiring, although she finds Pinterest easier to search for precisely what she wants.

Kim approaches remodeling and home-build projects as a process. She tackles the big ticket items first so each room can function and then lets the style and details developover time. "A space needs to tell you how to use it; sometimes, you can only know that once you know it!" Details can take time to get right.

As far as organizing and planning projects, Kim is a list maker. She starts with a list, does her best to collect all the supplies needed, and then approaches the most significant part of the project first. She also likes having necessary measurements and dimensions written down for reference when completing a project. She is prepared!

Functionality is critical when choosing a house to buy and/or renovate. Kim makes choices based on how a space will be used. Every family has different needs; only you know what will work best. She knows in her head what kind of space she needs; while the details can evolve later, the bones must be there from the start.

Some recommendations Kim has for readers who wish to do an extensive remodel start with creating mood boards and supply lists for each room. Go over them multiple times, list everything you will need. Make your selections based on that and stick to the plan. It really helps you stay mentally organized and on budget to have it all on paper before you start.

And as far as tips for readers who wish to make more minor transformations in their home, Kim says, "Don't be afraid! So many people fear they will mess something up; YOU WON'T! Decorate for you and your taste, and it will all work out. Stay true to what YOU like, what works for YOUR home and family, and you can't go wrong."

Thank you, Kim, for sharing this part of your home with us!