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How Kelsee Van Nus Perfectly Captures the Unique Interior Farmhouse Look

How Kelsee Van Nus Perfectly Captures the Unique Interior Farmhouse Look

Kelsee Van Nus is a homemaker and homeschooling mother of two. She runs the Instagram account @VanNusDarlings, where viewers can follow her advocacy and community-building for autism and special needs families. She also shares her thoughtful home updates and memory-making moments with her family.

Kelsee is inspired by farmhouse and minimal design styles. She enjoys collecting eye-catching pieces while keeping things pared down to prevent clutter. Her goal is to create a functional yet homey space for her family.

She installed Ageless Iron door hardware on her exterior dutch door for a unique look. Updating the door hardware only took a few hours, yet installing the entire door took over a day. The Dutch door was somewhat difficult to install into the frame, but her handyman got the job done. They also installed the hardware throughout their home. 

Kelsee chose Ageless Iron hardware because the product was spot on to the look she wanted. Once she received the hardware, the substantial weight and superior quality ensured she had made the right decision. She hopes to use Ageless Iron again in her house in the future. Kelsee noted, “Hardware goes a long way in recreating a space." Using the Vale Entry set was a perfect decision for her Dutch door as the separate pieces work perfectly with the horizontally split door.

Thank you to Kelsee for sharing her lovely home update with us!