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How to Style Your Front Porch for Fall

How to Style Your Front Porch for Fall

An Entryway Revamp Featuring Rustic Decor and Fall Colors

The spooky season has arrived! Pumpkin spice-flavored snacks are in full swing, there's a slight chill in the air, and fall decor is found at just about every store. With summer coming to an end, you can't just use beautiful summer blooms on your porch anymore — it's time to think about a fall revamp!

Decorating your front porch for fall brings so much seasonal joy — for you and your neighbors. There are many directions you could go this season, but before you put a jack-o-lantern out and call it a day, consider some new ways to spruce up your entryway.

We've put together some seasonal entryway ideas that can take your porch from summer fun to sensationally spooky.

Fall Front Door Wreath

When styling your front porch for fall, start with an autumn-inspired wreath. A wreath is a simple festive change that can make a significant impact.

There are a few different options for an autumn wreath. You can buy one, make one, or update an existing wreath with fall accents. Many craft stores sell ready-made wreaths in different themes if you are looking to purchase one. You could find a wreath that leans towards a harvest theme or plays off a spooky Halloween theme.

You can make your own if you want to customize your wreath to match your fall color palette. There are many different DIY fall wreath crafts, but if you want to keep it simple, we've put together some instructions below.

How to Make a Fall Wreath

  1. Start with grapevine wreath. These are available at your local craft store.
How to Make A Fall Wreath to Decorate Your Home
  1. Gather some fall-inspired supplies like faux mini pumpkins, colorful autumn leaves, or some dried foliage.
  2. Next, take a wire or yarn and wrap it around the wreath. The wire will help you attach your fall items.
How to Make A Fall Wreath to Decorate Your Home
How to Make A Fall Wreath to Decorate Your Home
  1. Layer in your fall items by weaving them through the wrapped wire. To create more depth, you can also use superglue or a hot glue gun to attach your fall-inspired pieces.
  2. Voila! Your fall wreath is complete!
How to Make A Fall Wreath to Decorate Your Home

Fall Front Porch Planters

Add some autumn colors and style to your front porch with festive planters. When styling your front porch planters, you can choose from many different plants to pull off your style.

A popular choice for a fall theme is mums and violas. They both grow well in cooler weather and come in various colors. To add more pizzazz, put some decorative pumpkins into your planters or ornamental kale. Ornamental kale looks like a giant flower with bright contrasting colors — perfect for fall planters!

For the actual container itself, consider using galvanized metal containers for a farmhouse feel. They can add some texture to your fall porch. If you're feeling creative, use an actual pumpkin as the container.

Decorate your home for fall with front porch planters

Layered Entry Door Mats

A trend that has been quite popular in recent years is layering your front porch door mats. Layering usually means putting a larger, thinner colorful mat below a thicker mat to create contrast and depth.

The bottom mat should utilize a darker color palette to achieve this autumn look. Don't be afraid to use a pattern — plaids or stripes work well in autumn. The top mat can have a fun Halloween theme or a friendly "Hello" theme that coordinates well with your bottom mat.

This look is creative and unique, so have some fun with it. Mix and match, so it works with your style.

Home Decorating for Autumn with Layered Front Door Mats

Rustic Pumpkin Patch Decorations

Don't forget the pumpkins to tie together your front porch autumn look! You can utilize outdoor pumpkin decor in many ways but lean into farmhouse fall decor if you want to play around with a rustic theme.

Use a mix of different pumpkin sizes and colors, and add some dried corn stalks or hay bales. Harvest materials play into a simple harvest theme while not going over the top.

To add a more farmhouse design, consider a fall front porch sign. Creating a sign on painted reclaimed wood plays into rustic farmhouse decor and allows you to customize your front porch to your liking.

Using fall planters, wreaths, and door mats, you can customize this look to have a rustic feel. Paying close attention to your color palette and textures, you can bring as much or as little rustic design to your front porch as you want.

Pumpkin Patch and Spooky Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Modern Farmhouse Fall Makeover

Experiment with modern farmhouse decor if you like a more subdued fall look. Modern farmhouses lean into neutral color palettes, organic materials, and rustic charm. Utilizing modern farmhouse elements in fall decor can achieve a sophisticated motif.

When decorating your porch instead of traditional pumpkins, only use white pumpkin decor. White pumpkins create not just a modern farmhouse look but a modern harvest look! The white creates neutrality in your porch design so you can take risks with other design elements elsewhere.

When putting together your planters, use baskets as the container instead of the traditional planter boxes. The organic material of the baskets is a critical element of modern farmhouse design and creates depth with texture.

Black is used frequently in modern farmhouse design. Play in contrast with some black accents on your floor mat or wreath. Don't be afraid to mix in classic autumn colors, like dark orange or green.

Adding some accent color in a neutral palette keeps things festive but still within the modern farmhouse trend. For more tips, check out our blog about the Fundamentals of Modern Farmhouse Style.

Modern Farmhouse Design Style for your Front Porch

Elevated Fall Door Decor

Consider upgrading your entry hardware for a fall upgrade that will last longer than the season. Door hardware is a subtle yet substantial upgrade to any entryway.

Our Keep One-Piece Handleset with A Grip with Keep Plate and Keep Knob is a bestseller, and we can see why. The handleset makes a dramatic statement on a front door, and the interior keep knob is a stunning piece in any home. Not to mention, black hardware can add gothic appeal during the fall season!.

Replacing front door hardware extends past a decorating idea. Our hardware is durable but design-focused. Our versatile matte black hardware complements the autumn season but still looks beautiful in the spring.

Add a new black enrty door set enhance the front door of your home

Get Your Entryway Fall-Ready

Autumn decor is easy to implement and customize. Play with some of our suggestions to see what matches your style best.

If changing out your entry set piqued your interest, take a look at what we have to offer. Our entry sets and handlesets look beautiful on any door. Shop Entrance Door One-Piece Handlesets and Exterior Door Entry Sets.