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Modern Barn Doors: Where do they work best?

Modern Barn Doors: Where do they work best?

Barn doors are no longer just for barns! Modernized styles for barn doors are popping up everywhere, and the updated style makes a beautiful statement in homes.

Adding sleek barn doors to your home is a simple way to add style and function to sliding doors. There are many ways to use barn doors in your home. Below we’ve put together a list describing where we think they work best.


Using barn doors as a door for your bathroom adds character while remaining on-trend. Using our barn door track kit, you can customize your bathroom door to match your style. To achieve a modern barn door look, consider a simple black door with no added details.

Use a rustic door with added wood finishes or details for a traditional barn door look. You can also use paint to add a pop of color.

A barn door takes up less space than a conventional swing door, so it’s ideal for a half-bath or smaller bathroom. Our Barn Door Track Kit is low profile and works well in tight spaces.

Room Divider

For a more dramatic look with barn doors, you can use barn doors as a large room divider. Using two sets of barn door tracks, you can attach two doors to separate large rooms.

Using barn doors in this manner helps to add depth to a room while being functional. For noisy spaces, the doors allow as a sound barrier. So next time the kids decide to have a big sleepover party in the living room, just slide the barn doors closed to quiet things down.

Like with bathrooms, the barn doors provide a space to add style to your home. Paint the doors, add character using wood accents, or keep it modern with dark, sleek colors.

Modern, Rustic Barn Doors in your kitchen

Barn Doors in the Kitchen

You can use barn doors as a pantry or room divider. Our black barn door hardware matches most kitchen finishes to blend seamlessly with your kitchen.

Our low-profile barn door hardware allows for a sleek look in the kitchen. Used with a pantry door, it will take up little space and add smooth functionality to your kitchen setup.

You can get creative with your barn door by painting it with chalkboard paint. Now keeping track of your grocery list has become even more accessible. Getting creative with your barn door setup is straightforward when using our barn door hardware.

Barn Doors in the Bedroom

There are a few different ways to incorporate barn doors into your bedroom. Use barn doors as a space saver for the closet. Replace traditional closet doors with modern barn doors using our Barn Door Hardware Track Kit. The sleek look adds style to the room without taking up too much space.

If your bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, use a barn door as the bathroom door. As mentioned before, barn doors are great for small space bathrooms. You can get creative by using two kits to create sliding french doors. Add luxury without taking up space or money.

Barn Doors for Offices or Spare Rooms

Barn doors can conceal areas and rooms that don’t get daily use. Used as a highlight in your home, barn doors can add a design element.

As an office door, bi-parting barn doors can look grand and inviting. You can add new depth to a familiar space in your home when used as a hallway closet door or storage room door.

Play around with the texture or design of the door. Chevron-style doors look exciting and stylish. Add glass or a mirror to the door for functionality and decor.

Get Creative with Barn Doors

Barn doors no longer have to be used in a traditional farmhouse style. You can modernize barn doors with unique styles, colors, and even how you use them.

Our barn door hardware kits come in different varieties, but all come with barn door rollers and tracks. Get the complete kit with the flush pull and grip if you want a modern look. Our Ageless Iron Barn Door Track is made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel for added durability and resistance to corrosion, UV weathering, and scratches.

For more information on installing our barn door hardware, visit our blog, which details our barn door hardware kits.