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Top 5 Fundamentals of Modern Farmhouse Style

Top 5 Fundamentals of Modern Farmhouse Style

A Modern Twist on a Classic Design

Modern Farmhouse Style has taken the country by storm over the last few years, primarily thanks to Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia Network. Putting a modern twist on traditional farmhouse style has proven very popular among interior designers and homeowners alike — we can see why!

Playing with industrial and vintage styles is approachable and easy to pull off in your home. A lot of the modern farmhouse style can be achieved through a trip to your local thrift store and Home Depot.

We're no strangers to the modern farmhouse style. Our Ageless Iron Hardware line is inspired by a lot of traditional farmhouse hardware but with a modern twist. Using the knowledge we've gathered about farmhouse styles over the years, we've put together a list of what we think are the fundamentals of modern farmhouse style.

1. Natural Materials

Often in modern farmhouse decor, you see a mix of organic elements. Wicker baskets, natural wood finishes, linen, and wrought iron pieces. Mixing natural elements into your space is all about bringing the outside in.

Adding textural elements like a jute rug, linen throw pillows, and cotton furniture covers help to mix textures through your space. Be careful not to go overboard on any particular item. Incorporating the elements in a balanced manner brings in the modern farmhouse.

For upholstered items, leather or linen is a good choice for a contemporary design feel while honoring farmhouse style. Use restraint when bringing in lots of textures, and avoid too many "shabby chic" pieces as they’re more often found in traditional farmhouse style.

2. Modernized Rustic Furniture

Painting existing furniture in a sleek black or refinishing in a dark stain is a simple and inexpensive way to modernize furniture. Painting cabinets white and adding black hardware is another quick way to add a modern touch.

If you already have white cabinets, you could add some matte black cabinet hardware to create a modern contrasting element. Our black cabinet hardware can quickly turn a traditional kitchen into a modern farmhouse kitchen.

You can also add a modern farmhouse element through barn doors. Barn doors can be used as doors or room dividers throughout most homes. Add a modern touch by using our black barn door hardware kit. Hang a sleek black door to add a contemporary feel to a rustic design piece.

Barn doors are often used throughout modern farmhouse design. The exposed barn door track and trolly system play on classic industrial design. When choosing a door to hang, you could go with something rustic or modern — both work in a modern farmhouse!

Modern Farmhouse Style with Black Door Hardware

3. Industrial Finishes

Adding industrial finishes throughout your space brings a modern touch to any home. Industrial finishes can be achieved through lighting, furniture pieces, and even hardware. Metal plays a critical factor in achieving that industrial modern look. Aim for pieces with clean lines and dark finishes.

Our hardware accessories help to add subtle industrial touches throughout your home's decor. Our black outlet covers and black switch plates are a simple way to add just the right amount of contrast to any wall.

All our hardware is made from cast iron — the same kind of cast iron you cook with! What makes our hardware different from traditional cast iron is we coat our hardware in zinc and powder coat all our hardware in a matte black finish. The matte black finish is perfect for any modern farmhouse-style design.

4. Open Space and Clean Designs

A critical difference between farmhouse design and modern farmhouse design is space. Not to say you can't achieve modern farmhouse style in a smaller home. It's about using minimalism when decorating.

Keep the number of decor items limited, so your home feels cozy but not cluttered. Add warmth by using a warm tone color palette with black highlights throughout the house. Use large furniture pieces — like a long antique wooden table in the dining room but simplify with sleek black chairs. The play on size and color contrast is eclectic and modern.

In modern farmhouse design, less is more. Use statement pieces and light colors to not overwhelm the room. Open shelving instead of large cabinets can help to add space to the room.

5. Contrast

At the core of modern farmhouse style is contrast. You are bringing together sleek modern style with traditional farmhouse decor — there is already a lot of contrast at play! Lean into that contrast by mixing furnishings and decor pieces. Use one-off vintage items found at a thrift store with items found at Ikea.

Much of modern farmhouse decor uses a light color palette with black accents. Our black hardware is perfect for bringing contrast into your farmhouse style. Our Vale Short Plate with Keep Knob is ideal for interior doors. Its style has a modern black feel but a rustic twist — marrying modern and vintage perfectly together!

Consider upgrading your front entryway with one of our entry sets. Our front door hardware perfectly sets the stage for a modern farmhouse home. Playing on contrast, our Keep One-Piece Handleset with Keep Plate and Keep Knob can provide quite the entrance. The long one-piece on the front is an excellent contrast to any door.

Use Modern Farmhouse Style In Your Home

Adding modern farmhouse styles to your home can be simple. Change out some light fixtures, use baskets for storage, or even upgrade some of your hardware. Our cast iron hardware comes in a variety of styles. You can change out all of your interior door knobs or do something as simple as change out some outlet covers. Both projects are sure to give your home a modern farmhouse feel.