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Buying Guide: Cabinet Hardware

Buying Guide: Cabinet Hardware

Buying cabinet hardware for your home is not as intimidating as it might seem. Whether you’re shopping for bathroom or kitchen cabinet hardware, the process is relatively the same.

Before we get into all the details, count your cabinets to see how many pieces of hardware you need and determine the finish. Our Ageless Iron Cabinet Hardwarecomes in just one finish, our signature matte black. The rustic, black iron knobs, cup pulls, and bar handles are a beautiful addition to a modern farmhouse and traditional kitchens.

We’ve put together a buying guide for cabinet hardware to help simplify your design process. Below you will find all of our tips for an effortless remodel.

Types of Cabinet Hardware


Knobs are a classic choice that looks beautiful on vintage and modern cabinetry. Knobs are small, simple details that provide function and are pleasing to the eye. Our knobs come in two styles: the round Keep Cabinet Knob, the oval Aeg Cabinet Knob, and the decorative Turret Knob. Both are easy to grasp and simple to install with just one screw.

Cup Pulls

Cup Pulls, also commonly known as Bin Pulls, are a standard dome-like shape that is simple to grasp from the bottom. Cup Pulls use two screws for installation because the pulls are enclosed on three sides. Our cup pulls come in two sizes, Castle 4” Cabinet Cup Pull and Castle 3” Cabinet Cup Pull. Our cup pulls are the perfect modern farmhouse look with functional details.

Handle Pulls

Handle pulls, also called cabinet pulls, are a timeless design. Attaching to a cabinet door in two places, cabinet pulls require two screws or fasteners for installation. Line up your new cabinet pulls with existing holes to make installation easy. We have two different styles of cabinet pulls that come in various sizes. Our Barn Cabinet Pulls come in angled or rounded corners. Our modern Machine Cabinet Pulls have a bold square base and come in multiple sizes. Both types are simple to install.

How to Install Cabinet Hardware 

There are a few different ways to install cabinet hardware. Before you begin, you should determine if you will do all pulls, knobs, or a combination of both.

To harmoniously mix knobs and pulls, try knobs on cabinet doors and pulls on drawers. Another variation of this mix is knobs on top cabinets with pulls on bottom cabinets. Both of these designs are equally functional — and stylish!

cabinet knobs and pulls placement

Depending on your style, you may want to do all knobs, or all cabinet pulls. Both knobs and pulls look great on doors with paneling or slab-style cabinet doors. Choosing one over the other just comes down to your personal preference.

cabinet hardware placement guidelines

When installing cabinet hardware, we have a few tips to help make the process go smoothly.

  1. To keep installation simple, you can use the traditional cabinetry practice to line up the knob with the bottom of the door rail. If installing door pulls, line up with the top of the door rail.
  2. You can use hardware templates to help with the installation process. They are inexpensive and help make the installation move quickly and uniformly.
  3. When installing knobs, it helps to add a little glue to the back of the knob before installing. This trick keeps the knob from spinning over time. You can also use thread sealant on the installing screw to keep it from turning.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware Today

Cabinet hardware is a simple way to add a new charm to your home. It’s a small yet impactful change that makes your kitchen or bathroom feel like a recent remodel.

Our hardware comes in all matte black, so it splashes in a kitchen — especially white cabinets with black hardware. The contrast makes a beautiful impression.

Shop all our black cabinet hardware today to see which design best suits your style.

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