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2024 Predicted Trends

2024 Predicted Trends

When it comes to home décor, new trends are constantly emerging, and 2024 is no exception. As we look towards the future, it's exciting to see what's in store for our living spaces. From thoughtfully chosen off-beat colors to a sprinkling of vintage Americana (with a twist!) here and there, the upcoming trends will add unique character to our homes. Among these trends, wallpaper and unexpected murals are particularly noteworthy. Whether you're looking to dress up a foyer or stair hall, these decorative touches will make a statement. So, let's dive into the décor trends predicted for 2024 and explore how to incorporate them into your home.

Welcome back, Wallpaper!

Forget the bare, beige walls! Wallpaper is making a triumphant comeback, injecting personality and pizazz into homes like never before. The latest designs cater to every taste and style, from bold stripes that add instant energy to delicate florals that evoke a romantic vibe. But the real beauty lies in the variety. Abstract watercolors offer a modern touch, while textured damasks add timeless elegance. And the best part? This trend isn't just for homeowners. Removable wallpaper options allow renters to unleash creativity without worrying about security deposits. Feeling extra bold? Spoonflower lets you design your own masterpiece, transforming your wildest artistic dreams into a one-of-a-kind wall covering. Be warned, though: browsing their countless curated designs or uploading your own artwork can quickly become an addictive rabbit hole, so prepare to lose yourself in a world of endless possibilities!

Ageless Iron Keep door knob on white door with a bathroom in the background. The bathroom has a floral wallpaper on it.

Color Predictions

Color will undoubtedly play a significant role in home décor trends in 2024. Softer tones of stone fruits like peach and apricot will bring a touch of elegance and warmth to walls, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. However, there will also be a burst of energy with complementary colors that add a playful and lively vibe to a room. For instance, combining deep turquoise and mellow camel brown can create a striking contrast and a sophisticated look when used in accessories.

Living room with turquoise and brown accents.

Americana with a Twist

Buckle up for a revival of Americana with a twist in 2024! While vintage charm remains strong, darker elements are seeping in, birthing "Western Gothic." Imagine faded blue quilts draped over wrought iron, cushions or curtains finished with deep maroon-toned fringe, while whispers of Edgar Allan Poe echo through dusty saloons. According to Better Homes & Gardens, Pinterest data confirms the trend—searches for both terms are skyrocketing. Ageless Iron Hardware is well-suited to ride this wave with its matte black finish and rugged aesthetic. The Keep One-Piece Handleset with Loch Rosette and Tine Lever perfectly echoes the American Wild West's spirit with a touch of gothic mystery. So, don't just embrace Americana – embrace its shadows, too!

Front door landing space showing door knob and tree mural.

Unexpected Murals

Step aside, gallery walls! 2024 is all about surprise and delight, with murals taking center stage in unexpected places. Picture a sunlit blue sky dappling your foyer ceiling or an ethereal forest growing up your stairway. Not only will guests be swept away by the artistic adventure, but you'll be greeted by a daily dose of joy with every glance.

2024 whispers comfort with a twist! Get lost in playful colors; see your walls reborn with statement wallpaper and murals. From soft hues to unexpected pops, each trend brings personality and joy, transforming your house into a haven that reflects your unique story. So embrace the new and create a space that speaks to your soul – your sanctuary awaits!