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The Best Hardware for a Custom Farmhouse Home

The Best Hardware for a Custom Farmhouse Home

The timeless allure of the farmhouse style continues to captivate homeowners with its rustic charm and classic design elements. Selecting the proper hardware is key to achieving the perfect farmhouse look.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the best hardware options for custom farmhouse-style homes, including carefully curated pieces from Ageless Iron Hardware. Discover how these hardware selections can add authenticity and charm to your farmhouse decor.
Man's hands installing barn door handle for interior door.

1. Rustic Barn Door Hardware: Ageless Iron Hardware

The hallmark of a farmhouse design is the rustic barn door, which adds character and functionality to your space. We offer an exquisite range of barn door hardware.

Our hand-forged designs, inspired by 19th-century craftsmanship, perfectly complement the farmhouse aesthetic, making it easy to achieve an authentic and rustic look for your home.

2. Cabinet Hardware: A Touch of Country Elegance

Farmhouse kitchens and bathrooms often feature vintage-style cabinets that call for fitting hardware. Ageless Iron Hardware offers an array of cabinet pulls and knobs with a timeless and rustic finish.

Choose from their diverse designs to find the perfect match for your cabinets, adding a touch of country elegance to your farmhouse decor.

Three Aeg cabinet knobs installed on a white vanity.
Front entry way showing a door with Ageless Iron hardware, a bench with toys, a cubby with shoes and stairs going up.

3. Entryway Hardware: Welcome in Style

The entryway is the first impression of your farmhouse-style home. Ageless Iron Hardware provides a stunning collection of entry door hardware, including classic handlesets, knobs, and rustic door pulls.

These pieces contribute to the overall appeal of your farmhouse and enhance security and functionality.

Ageless Iron decorative hook on white background.

4. Utility and Decorative Hooks: Functional Style

Farmhouse style is all about practicality, and Ageless Iron Hardware offers a selection of utility and decorative hooks that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Use these hooks in entryways, kitchens, and even bedrooms to add a touch of rustic charm and help keep your spaces organized.

Ageless Iron decorative hook on white background.

Add Ageless Iron to Your Custom Farmhouse Home

Custom farmhouse-style homes are all about capturing the rustic charm, vintage appeal, and timeless elegance that define this design aesthetic. Ageless Iron Hardware provides various high-quality hardware options that beautifully align with the farmhouse style.

From barn door hardware to cabinet pulls, entryway hardware, hooks, and interior hardware. Our hand-forged designs and rustic finishes offer the authenticity and charm to create the perfect farmhouse look.

Elevate your farmhouse decor with these carefully curated hardware pieces and turn your home into a true farmhouse haven.

Explore Ageless Iron Hardware's selection and journey to farmhouse perfection >