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What is Industrial Farmhouse Style?

What is Industrial Farmhouse Style?

There has been much speculation about whether modern farmhouse style is out and if industrial farmhouse style is in. We think the reality is a bit more complicated than that. Farmhouse style, in general, has become a mainstay in current interior design, and industrial farmhouse style is just a new iteration of that.

Industrial farmhouse uses a lot of modern farmhouse elements. It’s a lot like farm style meets city style with a combination of new and old. 

Elements of Industrial Farmhouse

Industrial Components

When blending farmhouse with industrial, it’s essential to understand the critical components of each style. Industrial style takes cues from warehouses and factories to create a unique style.

Important elements include raw materials such as concrete, brick, metal, and wood. Playing with those materials, it leans into structural features like open wood beams, concrete or hardwood floors, and large metal framed windows.

Color palettes in industrial style tend to be dark or neutral, using shades of black, grey, and brown. Fixtures are often a dark finish, like black or dark grey.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse also leans into natural elements but uses lighter elements like linen, rattan, cotton, wood, and stone. The color palette is typically light or neutral, using white, cream, beige, or grey. 

An important element in modern farmhouse design is reclaimed materials and vintage items. Using vintage items is essential to farmhouse style, but mixing in new elements is crucial to creating a modern farmhouse look. 

Fixtures often have a darker finish to play into a more modern style. You often see black fixtures used in kitchens, bathrooms, and door hardware.

Create an Industrial Farmhouse Style

To create an Industrial Farmhouse look in your home, think open. Open floor plans, high open ceilings, and even open shelving. Pulling inspiration from industrial-style lofts but using modern farmhouse style to add warmth.

You can have tall open shelving with exposed brick walls in a kitchen, but use a farmhouse-style sink to tie it all together. Instead of cement flooring, use wide plank wood flooring to add depth.

Combining cool steel with warm wood accents is critical to industrial farmhouse design. Use reclaimed wood for shelving, coffee tables, and other fixtures when possible. Mix in elements made from steel, like barstools, shelving brackets, or lighting fixtures.

Bring Industrial Farmhouse Style into Your Home

Adding industrial farmhouse-style elements to your home can be just as simple as changing out fixtures. Our collection of matte black hardware is rustic yet modern, making it perfect for industrial or even modern farmhouse style.  Explore our hardware collections >

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